I wrote you a song it’s called “stop talking to me”

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If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat


acne is so rude like hi bitch i didn’t ask you to invade my skin thanks though for being a piece of shit 

1.  Fuck doubting your abilities!

2.  Cultivate abilities.

3.  Jesus! Meditate more! All it takes is a couple of minutes throughout the day for a beneficial accumulative practise.

4.  Start writing to-do lists when you need to do important things; even if those things are memorable goals rather than tasks.

5.  Cross things off the to-do list. Continue crossing things off.

6.  Actually get around to learning yoga (again, see #4).

7.  Try not to be distracted by looking back, that’s not the direction we’re taking.

8.  Take one step at a time. Rushing breeds accident and mistakes; alternatively, laze welcomes procrastination. Slow and steady finishes the race.

9.  Settle disputes amongst friends with rock-paper-scissors, simple.

10.  Comparison is a killer. Comparison will steal motivation. If you must compare, only compare yourself to your-former-self; you’re no longer the person you were five minutes ago & that’s the only person you’ve got to be better than.

11.  Try to read or write daily. Expansion and expression are vital.

12.  Sleep as those regular civilians do, with a pattern and stuff.

13.  Eat as those regular civilians do, you know, with a pattern and stuff.

14.  Start carrying around a handy bottle of water. Stay hydrated!

15.  The mouth is capable of great things, as are the hands, take good care of them.

16.  Smile more. Maintain eye-contact more, it’ll enrich our bonds.

17.  Listen to others. Genuinely listen. Listen with the intention to hear and the intention to understand; do not simply listen with the intention to respond. Genuinely listen.

18.  Ask for help. Don’t be afraid or feel ashamed.

19.  Asking for help is great, but learning to be self-sufficient is better.

20.  To cry is quite courageous.

21.  Love isn’t a game. There shouldn’t be a scoreboard. Do not play with hearts; that is what genitalia are for.

21 Notes to (a loving) Self. || Jamel Duane (via tsundokuponders)


Shout out to femme nonbinary folks who have their identities questioned because they don’t live up to a patriarchal definition of androgyny

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